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Always faithful.

Always the same.

Always there.

Always mine.

With every “role” or “name” I’ve acquired in this life comes continued opportunities to look to Jesus.

As a blessed mother of nine plus two, my heart always has prayers for them. Deeply, I desire my children to make choices of what God reveals to them personally which may not be what I would pick for them… because I am not God, and I could never know His providential plans.

Sometimes, needs of my loved ones arise that tempt my trust in God to waver… because I cannot simply grab the box of bandaids and antibiotic ointment to make it all better. All I can do is wait, pray, and ask for God’s grace to trust Him more.

In these times, I absolutely must look at the faithfulness of God throughout my life, and remember “He’s always been faithful… and He will be again” as the song says.

His love has never changed - He has never loved me more, and He can never love me less! He’s always the same!

When the heart gets shaky from bad news, from awaiting test results, from financial setbacks, from loss and changes beyond our control, He remains present. He isn’t our Friend only in the sunshine, but also when we can’t see the next step. He’s always there.

In this Bluebonnet field with the wind blowing and the sun setting, I was reminded that He is the Artist of the land and sky, He is the Maker of the wind, and He is my Father Who is only good. He is always mine. ~jlw

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