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Bring Back the Springtime

welcome spring 2013-mjc

Who doesn't love sweetly chirping birds, green foliage pushing up through the earth, and specks of colored blossoms dotting yards and roadsides? I love spring. It signifies new life – a breath of “fresh start.”

It seems that the older I get, the winters seem to be so long. The dull colors outside blend with cold weather and less daylight to easily damper my spirit. It truly seems that hope and gladness are harder to hold on to during these months.

Just as with seasons in weather, so my walk with God has winter days as well. Maybe, there’s no sunshine for days, and I feel like giving up because the winds of circumstance are not in my power to change. Maybe, I get too busy doing good things that I drift from the Living Water – the best thing. Maybe, I lose sight of the Life I’ve been given, therefore, neglecting my Life Source. These days bring me to a place of finally begging for that “springtime in my heart” and thirsting for His life-giving streams. Not the casual “I think I’ll get a drink,” but the serious “panting for the Water Brooks” in order to survive!

“As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so my soul after thee, O God.” -Psalm 42:1​

Below is a song I learned in childhood, and it is often the song of my heart. To hear it, click on the title.

"Bring Back the Springtime" [words and music by Kurt Kaiser, 1970] [sung by Ben Markley]

When in the spring the flowers are blooming bright and fair, After the gray of winter's gone. Once again the lark begins its tuning, Back in the meadows of my home.

Lord, to my heart bring back the springtime. Take away the cold and dark of sin. Oh, refill me now sweet Holy Spirit, May I warm and tender be again.

Lord, make me like that stream that flows so cool and clear,

Down from the mountains high above.

I will tell the world the wondrous story

Of the precious stream filled with Your love.

It is springtime outdoors. I pray for springtime in my heart. Is it springtime in your heart?

♥ Jeri Lynn

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