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Updated: Dec 30, 2023

The calendar changes to a new year, yet old dreams in our hearts disregard the calendar flip. They're still there in word, waiting for action steps.

Resolutions are welcome across the board at this juncture of the year. Perhaps, New Year resolutions are simply hopes that remind us of our individual callings and desires.

Life improvement always requires honest assessment. Honest assessment means honesty about self before the eyes of our Holy God - not the lens of other people. "What others think of us" should not be our motivation to change, but rather, "what does God know about us?"

Only when a store is inventoried of its products can an accurate report be made of success or decline. The most honest assessment we can check our lives by is the mirror of God's Word which contains Truth about us and about our omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent God.

With His Spirit convicting clearly of changes needed and lovingly comforting with grace, we are faced with choices. Will we merely talk of changing or will we actually take steps which will bring us closer to the image of Christ.

In a store, what products are not selling and which ones should be added? In our lives, what methods are not working or what disciplines should we begin? In a doctor's report, what treatments are not successful, and what care plan would be better?

Invasive heart surgery is often necessary for the believer. With physical surgery, a patient is required to stay in the hospital with devoted care or under home rest orders for healing to be productive and to prevent relapse. How interesting that the process for physical repair is heeded, but spiritual and emotional healing rarely carries urgency, dedicated care, or sufficient time for repair.

Surgery, healing, and rehabilitation with genuine support are really the only true paths to become all God designed us to be. Otherwise, we limp along with hopes and dreams that remain squashed because our energy is soaked up in trying to run without repair.

The longer a vehicle, an appliance, or a plumbing problem goes without maintenance and/or repair, the weaker they become before total dysfunction occurs. Then, somehow, we are surprised at the ruin! So it is with human life. Problems do not fix themselves the longer they lie unattended, and neither do spiritual and emotional problems. Neither do dreams happen just because we think they should.

Our gifts and callings are without repentance. Our gifts and callings should be cultivated and developed for the glory of our Maker. They should not be dumbed down as just something we wish would happen.

We are created in the image of God.

He is a Creator! He is a Writer! He is an Artist! And He is so much more!

Some questions I'm asking myself:

  • Why should I not cultivate these interests He has given me?

-- I want to be a good steward of His gifts.

  • Why should I not assess my life and cut out expectations of others?

-- Listen to the still, small voice of the sweet Holy Spirit over the many loud voices.

  • Where do I get heart help needed to repair and grow best?

-- Immediate help is found in a look to Jesus. The Holy Spirit will guide me to wise help and caution me of unwise counsel.

  • What are my personal gifts and callings and how does GOD want me to develop them?

-- Create music and beauty.

-- Write music and words.

-- Teach God's Word and music.

  • When should I make changes to grow in God’s purposes for me?

-- Now!

  • Who truly edifies me in God's gifts and callings to me?

-- I am thankful for those who encourage me in my gifts. On the flip-side, I need to be aware of discouraging influences and be discerning to limit negative intake. The enemy is ever on the prowl to steal and destroy creativity that would glorify God!

  • Am I encouraging others in their God-given gifts - those with gifts like mine and also those whose gifts are much different than mine?

-- Every person is created and gifted uniquely. I want to be a person who helps others desire to be who God designed them to be.

The church is the body of Christ which functions for God's glory when individual believers personally cultivate God-given gifts and enjoy using them in liberty of the Spirit.

As the New Year begins, maybe these questions and answers will be worth pondering in your own life.

{💜 My son gave me these colored pencils for Christmas, and he asked my daughter to use her Cricut machine to make me this pencil bag. I use colored pencils for Bible study, calendar, and teaching.} 💜 I used Canva on the featured photo to create a sort of a vision board graphic.}

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