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Mother’s Day Gifts – A Mother’s Ring

Several of my family members – my husband, children, parents, aunt & uncle – really surprised me this Mother's Day! Together, they gave me a beautiful ring ~ a Mother's Ring! We had several family members visiting from out-of-town, and my thoughts were busy on blessing them with a Mother's Day lunch, enjoying all my family being home, and participating in the church services… not on what I might be given. This gift has never really crossed my mind at this and previous junctures in life for various (and mostly obvious) reasons. I am still pondering what a special gift it is, and here are a few of my ponderings.

It represents the eternal gifts God has given my husband and me.

It reveals the appointed times of each of our children's births.

It reminds me of a love I do not deserve from my Heavenly Father and from those who gave it to me.

It renews my desire to be the mother my children need me to be for them to shine – to love God.

It refreshes my spirit to see this lovely ring – fashioned just for me – just like God's plan for my life journey.

The song lyrics above are some of my favorites. You can hear this beautiful song arranged by my brother Jonathan Dickey by clicking on the title. "When He Cometh"

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