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My Heart is Fixed

Verse - Psalm 108.1

My heart is fixed. The meaning of the word "fixed" is established, secured, settled, stabilized, and prepared. [Strong’s Concordance] These defining words are desired words for my life and probably for yours, too. The only unchanging fixation we have in this life is our great God and His Word. When our hearts are fixed on Him, we can easily sing of Him and praise Him with honor and reverence. When life is shaky or uncertain, He is our Rock. His Word is true.

Transition. Change.

The unexpected. The expected.

The hard. The easy.

The coming. The going.

The ins. The outs.

The ups. The downs.

The sorrows. The joys.

The highs. The lows.

The rejection. The acceptance.

The worries. The hopes.

The giving. The taking.

The winning. The losing.

The teaching. The learning.

Whatever circumstance that changes for us, we can rest in our Rock. Know that in Him alone, we find our security and stability. Through the changes in life, He is preparing us and conforming us to His likeness. Fix your heart on Jesus! Fix your life on His Word. JESUS NEVER FAILS! There is no disappointment in Him.

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