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Our Fair Morning

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

"Our fair morning is at hand, the daystar is near the rising, and we are not many miles from home; what matters the ill entertainment in the smoky inns of this miserable life? We are not to stay here, and we will be dearly welcome to Him whom we go to."

- Samuel Rutherford | The Loveliness of Christ

Far grander than this temporary earthly dwelling is a fair and beautiful Place. It's quality construction and unseen beauty leads our imaginations to the promised Living Quarters being prepared now for us believers.

The Place will be Home because Jesus is there. There will be no feelings of being a burden as a guest, for we will belong There. No other person There will cause us to question our sonship. We will be equally and joyfully welcomed by our Father.

This journey often gets long and rough, but we are getting nearer Home with each mile. One day soon, the clouds will be rolled away, and there will be only light.

Let us keep our eyes on the Prize - the One holding open Heaven's door for us... waiting for us to arrive. It won't be long. "We are not many miles from Home."

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