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Prepared to do Anything

"The great point of Abraham’s faith in God was that he was prepared to do anything for God." - Oswald Chambers

Faith IN GOD -

...not in our abilities,

...not in our dreams of succeeding like another,

...not in our knowledge,

...not in our experience,

...not in our our ways

Prepares us to do ANYTHING -

...a new task or a proven one

...exciting or mundane

...near or far

...visible to others or seen by none joy or in sorrow comfort or in pain strength or in weakness

...alone or with human support


...our Creator

...our Redeemer

...our Friend

...our Guide

...our Everything

Sometimes, our ideas of "what we need to do for God" get mixed up with what God has called another whom we greatly respect to do. Then, when we find ourselves unable to successfully imitate that person or duplicate the truly wonderful work GOD has done through that person, either our faith in God wavers or we try even harder.

Just as God created each of us completely unique, so He has gifting and callings for us specifically designed for our lives.

Just as children have dreams of being heroes, so we envision becoming a hero for God. Who wouldn't want to finally be described as the Bible greats: Paul or Joseph or Abraham or John or Esther or Ruth or Mary?

As much as we can learn from the lives of Biblical characters - as well as present day servants of the Lord, let us walk humbly with our Creator God in the quiet.

When our faith is in HIM, we are less prone to put our eyes on the particular callings, ministries, or seeming success of others. We can only fulfil what our sovereign God has called us to do individually, and our only true fulfillment can be found in doing just that.

• "Anything" doesn't leave out the little tasks that no one but God sees. Sometimes, "anything" may be emptying a trash can or changing a diaper or food prep or reading a book to a child or encouraging someone.

• "Anything" doesn't mean only what is recognized and applauded as Christian service. Sometimes, "anything" may be as simple as meditating on Scripture or praying with longsuffering. There are no prizes or human accolades for it.

• "Anything" doesn't always mean sharing extraordinary, impressive stories. Sometimes, "anything" means an unglorious battle you ask God to help you fight everyday that no one sees or hears.

• "Anything" may mean leaving the comforts enjoyed for rough living as a missionary or it may mean living honestly and peacably in abundance.

• "Anything" may include regular interaction with difficult people. Only confidence in God and communication with Him can keep one always prepared.

Being prepared to do ANYTHING for God is only possible by faith in God that He calls us - not just to ministries of position - but to Himself. It is then we are prepared and enabled to continue on FOR HIM.

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