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The Gift of God’s Timing

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

On this date 2 years ago, my Dad went to be with the Lord. On that day, my brother's newly published music CD arrived at their home. It was playing in the ICU room when my siblings and I gathered around my Dad's hospital bed as he was called Home.

The CD had been in the making for several weeks - long before we knew what we would experience in the month of August 2021. It was not expected to arrive that day, but it did. But God! It was a gift God gave us all, and especially for my Mom. The CD his of original piano arrangements - A Timeless Tribute - has been such a comfort these past two years.

This year, my daughters and I were able to meet in Tennessee to record a vocal CD. Our sound engineer was excellent! He made our potentially stressful endeavor an enjoyable one. If you need a sound engineer, we recommend Synapse Sound!

Our (In the Morning) CDs were expected to arrive the day we would leave to travel yet again for a college drop-off. It would be so perfect I thought to take the CDs with me to respective people to distribute. They arrived at our house three hours after we left on our trip.

With another traveling family member, the CDs were picked up and brought to me in Alabama. Juggling schedules, three of my adult children and I met at the National Cemetery where my Dad's body was laid to rest. Interestingly, I received the CDs there at the cemetery on the same date engraved on my Dad's gravestone - August 21. Then I realized why my dates may have been good, but God's timing is a gift!

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