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Valentine’s Day

As I entered the Dollar Tree (a store where most items are $1.25) I was surprised when I saw all these heart-shaped balloons all ready to go. Several customers had a few balloons in their hands with intentions of blessing others, I’m sure.

The aisle was crowded where the sea of red and pink holiday cards announced, “It’s Valentine’s Day!” It was actually encouraging to see so many folks obviously wanting to show love or brighten someone’s day.

To say that the day is commercialized is an understatement. Commercialization of the sacred cheapens anything and everything. What should be a way of life for the Christian can sometimes become merely an annual production. Though public displays of love for Valentine’s Day can be appreciated, love and thoughtfulness should be a regular private practice. Charm should precede and follow February 14th. Valentine’s Day is just 1 opportunity of 365 to love authentically, to be an example of the believer, and to edify - especially those closest to us.

Whatever your earthly “status” on this red and pink day, remember you are sacrificially loved every day by your Creator God. “Oh, how He loves you and me!”

Here is a video link to my piano arrangement of the song "Oh, How He Loves You and Me."

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