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Wherever You Are in the World

The Apostle Paul prayed for the church families he had shared life and ministry with, but could not see in person though he and they greatly desired a reunion. As revealed in his letters to them, his love did not wane nor theirs in physical absence. His desire for their continued growth and blessing in Christ waxed stronger.

I am not Paul. I was not created to become a clone of Paul.

I am a parent. God created me to be the mother to nine {unique and amazing} people with eternal souls.

From Paul's life, I see how love and labor for those graciously entrusted to me does not fade as they become adults and establish their own houses. I am not able to be present with them. I cannot encourage or caution on the spot in my motherly desire for them to experience God's best in their lives.

This all sounds deeply spiritual, for sure, but the natural human heart does not easily relinquish the years of physical and spiritual care of our child-gifts.

Only through the comfort and assurance of the Holy Spirit within me - always present - can these processes of life that God Himself designed be fulfilled with His blessing.

Yes, I have sincerely questioned the Lord.

Yes, I have cried in the multiple absences and the separating miles yet to be calculated.

Yes, I have a natural mother's heart, but I have a loving, sovereign God Who loves these grown up bundles of joy perfectly and much more than I ever could.

So to empty the words filling my heart tonight, my letter to my people begins... "Wherever you are in the world, I love you and I'm talking to God about you. I know He is with you every moment, and He is worthy of all your days."

In the words of another, "Your future is as bright as the promises of God," and so is mine - wherever you are in the world.

~jlw 10.10.22

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