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A Heart Stretched to Africa

Today is the birthday of one of my sons who has spent his day in Africa making preparations to move there permanently as a missionary.

The ocean so deep and wide separates us from celebrating his life as we traditionally do in America, yet miles cannot change the love a mother holds in heart.

I believe this mother’s heart may feel pain - not of loss, but of stretching. Yes, those burning stings of absence come, but they are for growth, not my hurt.

From this heart flow prayers:

• Enlarge my heart to stretch to Africa.

• Grow my love for those he loves.

• Ground me in Your love that never wavers.

• Multiply my intercession for all.

• Let Your love be my motivation and courage.

• Thank You for Your goodness. Your ways are past finding out and beyond my imagination.

• Rest my heart of unnecessary fears - You are sovereign over all.

• I praise You for You are worthy of all - including nine children You graciously gave us.

~jlw 2-27-23

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