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Another Year of Mercies

 Another year of new mercies… Not a day goes by that I do not need the tender mercies of my Lord. As I reflect over my years of life, I live and move and have my being by His tender mercy – mercies new every morning. Since I placed my faith in the blood of Jesus Christ for my salvation, I’ve been aware at various levels of His lovingkindness to me. Of course, some days I’ve realized His love more or less than other days due to my faulty humanity. His Truth is my security in this temporary, changeful life. When I do not cover myself with His Word, I flounder and fail, while He remains faithful to me. Above and way beyond His merciful gift of eternal life, He fills my earthly life with good things to enjoy. He tenderly walks with me through allowed afflictions. His mercies are daily new gifts, and He wraps them with tenderness. ————————————-

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