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This word search made me miss my Dad. This word characterized his life at home, work, church, in the neighborhood, etc...

Of course I saw it at home mostly, and in my own life. He was consistently attentive to what people needed or what he could do in his power to help someone’s life be easier or more efficient. He didn’t see people and think “What can they do for me?”

On a recent visit to my parents’ house, someone told me he had given them an appliance they needed and are still using. Their neighbors came to my Mom’s front door with a lovely cake for her as they do regularly. They said they loved “Mr. Jerry” - he always helped them.

True attentiveness stems from the heart, not from a “gotta do this to be a good Christian” checklist.

These attentive actions were done in quietness (from my perspective), not for accolades. Neither were they done (in my perspective) to get something from the recipient. It was alertness to others, empathy for their needs, and intentional action taken to bless… over and over again.

True attentiveness is felt, not merely seen… and when it’s gone, there’s a hole in your heart.

Ask his neighbors.

Ask his friends.

Ask his family.

Ask my Mom (who is equally attentive.)

Ask me.


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