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Blossom in the Morning

Alongside the busy roads here in Dallas County are patches of these lovely flowers ~ Pink Evening Primrose. They blossom in the morning and then wilt at dusk. They are also known as Pinkladies and Buttercups (because of their yellow pollen pistils.) Oenothera speciosa is their scientific name.

The bold colored Bluebonnets have come and gone for 2023, but these Pinkladies are providing lingering beauty. Their pops of pink in the Cedar Hill wind blow reminders of God’s care and His goodness.

Created by our Father, they sure add beauty to this pilgrim journey. Within one blossom are so many details!

God is a God of goodness, beauty, order, and details. As He has fashioned these blossoms intricately, so He has “fearfully and wonderfully” made us. May we as believers be rays of light and pops of color for His glory in this busy, dark world.

How can we "blossom in the morning!" as Christians?

Perhaps, if we look to our amazing Creator God before we even step foot on the floor each morning, He can direct our steps of the day beginning with the first one.

The beauty of Christ cannot blossom through our lives without living in His presence.

Blossom in the morning!

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