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Dad, I’m Still Reading “Your Life”

How do I get sound advice from my Dad when he has gone on to Heaven? The questions I'm experiencing - he would know the answer or he would at the least, say he didn't know what to tell me, yet he would be concerned. Genuine care isn't all that ordinary as is often assumed.

I don't have my Dad to call and chit chat anymore. There are no more phone calls to ask me about my life, what I made for supper, or tell me what Mom made and how I would love it. No more phone calls to tell me what he was working on. No more phone calls telling me real life stories about my two youngest nieces - they brought him such joy. No more of his genuine laughter passing through the cell towers to my phone. No more texts or emojis. No more pictures. No more direct communication.

Yet, I still get answers from my Dad. Not through a spooky means of communication, but through the life he lived. His life answers my questions because I personally and closely knew his character. Perfect? No such claim has been made by him or anyone. His character was synonymous with faithfulness. He stood for right and truth. His values were love for God, family, others, and life itself. He understood the brevity of life and lived in accordance to principles of the Bible. I remember him emphasizing James 4:14,

"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away."

I miss the joy that he brought to my life and to all those who knew him. He loved to give and bring other people joy without any announcement of his deeds. It is a deep loss. - more than some can comprehend.

Hey Dad,

I miss your audible voice, but I am still reading the book of your life you left in my heart. Thank you for answering my questions for today before you moved Home. - JL

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