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Face to Face

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known." I Corinthians 13:12

Last year on this date, I saw my Dad face-to-face for the last time. My Mom and I finished up some projects we had made for my school class and the ladies' Bible class at church. While I was beginning to pack up my projects, Dad brought me an envelope with my name on it. It had a money it. I said, "Dad, I don't need this." He said he wanted me to have it for groceries I bought or some other unnecessary excuse he made up. The real reason was because he loved me.

He drove me to the airport, and got out and took out my suitcase out for me. I thought of snapping a selfie picture of us, but I didn't want to stress him or the airport attendants who are employed to keep the cars, people, and airplanes moving at breakneck speeds. We hugged. We told each other, "I love you," and we parted.

After a while, he texted me to make sure I got checked in okay.

As I reflect on that day, all the questions surface. Did I hug him big enough? Did he know how much I loved him? Did he know he was (is) my hero? What else would I have done if I had known it was the last time I would see him face-to-face on this earth? Why didn't I write him a letter expressing my gratitude that day instead of making things for school and church that I could never bring myself to use? Why didn't I take one more picture?

Last night, I watched a movie about fathers and daughters. At the very end, my tears poured with realization. That Dad that loved me so well is not here anymore. That Dad that loved me so much gave me away at my wedding to start my own family. Does he know I know he loved me well? Does he know how much I miss him- his love, his laugh, his thoughts, his songs, his funny words, his projects, his deals... ? Does he know that I remember all the ways he gave of himself to make mine and my family's lives easier wherever we lived - fixing things I didn't even know were broken - even when he didn't feel well... ?

I can't see through the glass between us now. I know He's on the other side - the winning side - the cloudless side - the forever lighted side. He is face-to-face with Jesus. One day, there will no longer be a dark glass for me - all will be clear, all will be understood, all will be known, and all will be well.

Because Jesus saved me, I will see Him face-to-face when I leave this world. I will also see my sweet Dad again... face-to-face in robes of white!

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