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Faithful in Little Things

As I continue to put away wedding stuff and attempt to get my all-purpose, creative room (sewing/Cricut/library, etc…) in order, my eyes watered a bit. I found this bulletin board awaiting its new spot on the wall. These two items are significant to me… and they sorta go together.

The verse in calligraphy was made and given to me when I was in sixth grade by one of my favorite teachers. I kept it framed all these years until the fire. Somehow, it was found in the rubble.

“A little thing is a little thing, but faithfulness in little things is a great thing.”

“… for the Lord preserveth the faithful…” - Psalm 31:23

The receipt from good ol’ Sam’s Club was in my phone case - dated 7/30/21. The purchase was for bananas. My Dad and I had made two trips to Sam’s that day running errands for the family business. As he finished the business transaction at the register, I had grabbed a bunch of bananas on the run. His name is on the receipt.

In just a few days, our lives would change forever - my Dad’s life became the best and mine - I’m not sure. My prayer is that I’ve grown in God’s grace, but I’m still sad my Dad is not here anymore.

Oh, he’s kicking up gold dust, no doubt, and singing even better than he did here! I imagine he will be employed to fix things… oh wait, there’s nothing to fix in Heaven.

My Dad and Mom have both lived out being faithful in little things. Things that nobody else will see or know about… but things that we have been given stewardship by God to care for. Neither of my parents had material goods growing up, but they learned how to creatively be faithful in the care of what they had been given - whether it was fixing food or cars or learning new skills.

Being faithful in little things doesn’t usually have recognition by others, but its reward is knowing that God is pleased with faithfulness in little things - no matter if He’s the only One Who sees it.

Doing the right thing will include being faithful in little things. Of course, there is a balance in which we must depend on the Holy Spirit to show us the important things without overlooking the little things.

  • Just think… one little comment made to you can brighten your day or cloud it up!

  • One little kindness could encourage one to go on.

  • One little wipe of the sink could make a difference for the person using it next.

  • One little moment to truly hear someone could be transforming.

  • Just a little cheese on the chili could bring coziness to a cold day.

  • Just faithful little courtesies could help someone feel valued.

  • Just a little help could lighten a big load.

  • Just a little whispered prayer for someone  reaches our big God.

In the realm of faithfulness, little things are big things, and faithfulness in little things is big in God’s eyes.
  • What is a little thing that helped you?

  • What is a little thing that you could do?

Don’t put “little things” off…

“Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.” -Proverbs 27:1 KJV

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