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From Complaint to Praise

When circumstance worsens instead of easing,

When trouble reaches to grab on every side,

When sorrow pangs with repeated reminders,

God remains faithful, and His mercies are wide.

When the soul is clouded with hurt and loss,

When the darts shoot doubt all through,

When the heart is betrayed by family or friend,

God remains faithful, and His mercies are new.

When the world as we knew it implodes before us,

When feelings go numb, and life is a buzzing blur,

When the thin thread of hope is nearly broken,

God remains faithful; His mercies forever endure.

When human pain exceeds our natural limits,

When waiting for the righting of the wrong;

When the steps are hard on this journey of life,

God remains faithful; His mercies are our song!


"I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations." - Psalm 89:1

"This is a psalm with a lot of trouble, but the presence of trouble didn’t silence the psalmist’s praise; he sang of God’s mercies." - David Guzik

"We have not one, but many mercies to rejoice in, and should therefore multiply the expressions of our thankfulness." -C.H. Spurgeon

"We think when we are in trouble we get ease by complaining; but we do more, we get joy, by praising. Let our complaints therefore be turned into thanksgiving." - Matthew Henry

How can our complaints to God form praise to Him? By remembering and rehearsing His mercies to us!

  • His mercies are abundant (wide).

  • His mercies are fresh (new).

  • His mercies are lasting (forever).

  • His mercies are praiseworthy (songs).

The LORD knew we would need our hearts eased in trouble. He wants us to pour out our hurting hearts to Him. Be cautious of any who say we should overlook trouble and pretend as if it has no sorrow in it. Our Lord felt every grief we feel. Know that He knows!

"I poured out my complaint before him; I shewed before him my trouble." - Psalm 142:2

The LORD - in His great mercy - is present with us in trouble. He's been where we are. He remains as faithful to us in troubled times as He is in good times. He doesn't wait for us to be troubled, and then in our low point remove His love or kindness or grace or mercy or justness. There are five good reasons to praise Him- even in trouble.

He has always been faithful to us.

He is faithful to us today.

He always will be faithful to us.

For each complaint to God, there is a mercy to praise Him for. ❤️

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