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Gifts of the Storm

After the rut, the rush, and the routine

Have been frozen into a space of time,

The time to just be, to think, to be still

Is a life gift, not merely a confine.

Who measured the winter storm-

Every detailed change and effect?

The Creator God Who rules the skies

Is sovereign, wise, always good, perfect.

Who are we that He is mindful of us -

Our thoughts, fears, errors, and needs?

The storm draws us to Him in the freeze:

Through His Word, our spirit He feeds.

The dark cold night seems to loiter,

Yet we know the sun will lift yet again!

Oh the morning beauty after the storm!

Ice glistens as glass: new mercies begin.

Be still, O earth and it’s inhabitants!

Expect the seasons. Enjoy the process.

No storm is without His deep attention.

See the gifts with which He does bless.


The morning the freeze lifted, the sun melted the iced trees into sparking glass art! It was breathtaking and impossible to capture its full beauty through the window of a moving truck.

I know God gifted me the sights to see this morning, and I thank Him for all the beautiful ways He shows me He loves me and reminds me He's thinking about me.

This winter storm shut down our Texas town as winter storms are not a way of life here. Yes, we had some missed assignments and missed appointments, but those were not overlooked by the Maker of the sky.

With the pressures of a busy routine lifted, the soul can breathe in and out without panting and racing. There was time at home with my people. There were opportunities to bless my people, and they blessed me. Sometimes, I think God has to bring a storm of sorts to make us aware of our ruts that we rarely have time to realize that's what it is.

I may be wrong, but the "pandemic" should have pulled us out of some lifetime ruts. It seems ruts may be easier to function in - little thinking required - just do as you always have.

In this storm, everyday tasks didn't disappear, but they were done in a relaxed manner - not in a scurry.

Enjoying the brief tenure of our winter wonderland took extra efforts to make a few memories, knowing it's only here for a time. This storm will pass - we live in Texas!

When the sky stays gray for a few days, the hope of a sunrise is real. Knowing Jesus, I have hope that the sun will always shine again - maybe not here on earth, but one day there will be no more night or storms.

Thank You, Lord, for the gifts You bless us with, even in storms. ~jlw

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