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Give Thanks to the God of Heaven

O God of Heaven,

Creator of every thing,

For Thy mercy and grace,

I offer my thanksgiving.

O God of Heaven,

Redeemer of my soul,

Remembering my low estate,

Thou hast made my life whole.

O God of Heaven,

Thy arm is strong for me.

Thy hand is stretched out;

Thy wonderful works I see.

O God of Heaven,

Through a Red Sea I've gone;

Thy hand has led me through.

All praise be to Thee alone!


"O give thanks unto the God of heaven: for his mercy endureth for ever." - Psalm 136:26

Reading the chapter of Psalm 136 is therapeutic to my soul. As a human being born in sin, I cannot obtain pardon or obtain righteousness except for the love of God. I deserve no mercy, but I have received it fully, freely, and forever!

My soul has been redeemed from a life of destruction.

I have found Him Whom my soul loves because He first loved me.

Any good seen in my life or any good I experience in life is from the strong hand of my good and loving Father, God.

He has stretched out His arm over my life. I am nothing without Him. With Christ, I have everything! All glory be to Him forever!

I give thanks to The God of Heaven!


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