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Graduation Day ~ The Best Day Ever

It's graduation month in America. Dad's graduation was 9 months ago today - August 21. The BEST DAY EVER for Dad, yet a life-changing, heartbreaking day for us. He finished his life's work. He was always studying and learning up until his last test.

When he walked into the hospital needing assistance, he was sure it could be his last test. He had studied and prepared. Interestingly, in this dire moment, he was still concerned about my mom's protection and health. He loved her so much.

Love doesn't disappear in these crucial moments of need, it reveals itself more beautifully than the daily love exercised. Early that very morning, Dad had suffered health wise, yet he mustered strength to care for my Mom in her frail state.

He left us lessons in those last demonstrations of love that day. Love like that was a choice he made long ago and lived out until his best"Graduation Day."

• Live life with all your being.

• Learn God's principles for living a blessed life, and live them.

• Love like it's your last day on earth.

Dad has no more tests to take, no more labwork, no more accounting, no more science or engineering projects, no more shop class, and no more heart troubles. I imagine he is one of the loudest voices in Heaven's Choir Class. Maybe, he sings all day, praising His Savior Jesus Christ.

I love and miss you, Dad.

~ JL


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