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Happy 1st Year in Heaven!

Dad, Happy 1st Year in Heaven! You took a piece of my heart to Heaven, yet you left part of yours with me. This simply explains my broken heart. It cannot be whole until I get Home. Just as I have always desired to go "home" to visit you and Mom whenever I could, I desire to go Home to my Father where you already are... where all will be well... where this little faith of mine will need to grow no more... where the sun never sets, where there is no pain of any sort, where sickness cannot enter, where the glorious beauty will surround, where all the music strains will be only of worshipping Christ, where there is peace and rest with no more battles to fight.

Today, along with the rest of the family, you are remembered with great love. Though our love for you pours out of our eyes, our love can't be compared to the love of our Father. While you are with Him, He looks on us waiting down here and sees us as His beloved Son - in robes of righteousness bought by the blood of Jesus.

He understands our weakness in this hard day and in many more to come. He doesn't scold us for hurting, but welcomes our wounded hearts into His safe, healing arms. His presence wraps us up as does a warm blanket that we draw tightly around us in this cold world. His Words calm us when we stop the activity and listen to them.

It's raining here in Texas tonight - a gift in my perspective because we've been without rain for the whole summer. The rain reminds me that the Lord is good, and His tender mercies are over all His works. (Psalm 145:9) No man could have made the rain start or stop because "Heaven Rules." "No power of hell, no scheme of man" can stop God's love for me or for any of us left waiting. (Romans 8:38-39)

Everyday is surely a celebration There. Down here, we celebrate your life while we mourn your transfer away from us.

Do you see God's collection of bottles of our tears? Does He label them with our names? I sure miss you.

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