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《 “We have to receive the life of Christ ourselves before we can live it. We have to live it before we can give it to others.” 》 《 “We are meant to be chalices, life-bearers. As God’s expression of what He is like, we become broken bread and poured out wine. There is no greater fullness.” 》 -Elisabeth Elliot | Be Still

“Chalice” is defined as a cup or goblet, and it describes the cup-shaped interior of a flower. {Merriam-Webster Dictionary}  Let’s imagine our lives as  chalices, as cups. Whatever is in us is what will be poured out of us intentionally, or spilled out of us  when we get bumped in life or completely overturned.  If we get filled to overflowing, what runs over the side of our cups?

If we desire to pour out life to others, we must be filled ourselves with Life – which is Jesus Christ. If we desire to be life-giving ladies when we are in  rattling circumstances, we must be filled with Christ. In order to be full of Christ, we must fill our souls with Him.  We cannot give out what we do not have inside. We are not going to spill out Christ if we are filled with our own thoughts and deductions. We can try to give out all the good things we know we are supposed to, but unless it’s inside, our giving is ineffective.

What is life?  What is Jesus?

He is Love. He is Joy. He is Grace. He is Hope.

He is Faithful. He is True. He is Honest. He is Just. He is Righteous. He is Pure.

He is a Friend. He is a Healer. He is a Comforter. He is a Rock. He is an Interceder. He is a Giver.

And, He is so much more. We will never be perfect as Jesus is, but He desires us to be like Him. We are made in His image.

What are we filling our minds and hearts with?  Are we pouring out life to others in the ways of Christ?

I love this truth in God’s Word: “For in him we live, and move, and have our being…”  (Acts 17:28a)  For the believer, everything in life relates to Christ in us. What is in your cup today and how full is it?

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