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No Last Words

The words I last heard from my Dad on this earth were "I love you."

For believers, there are no last words. Our conversations will be continued when we get Home. ~jlw

When our loved ones who know the Lord leave us and go to be with Him, we clearly remember or maybe we strain to recall the last words we exchanged between each other.

Some words spoken last bring us comfort as we replay them in our minds.

Some words may have been unspoken.

Some words spoken may have been a casual salutation with no warning of their soon departure.

Some words spoken may have left you with the feeling or reality of an unresolved, difficult conversation.

The promise for believers is that we will know our loved ones in Heaven. Imagine the words last spoken on earth (or unspoken) carried into a new conversation in Heaven with no human interference. All pain, tears, sickness, hardship, and misunderstandings will be absent There. No sin will deceive and enslave There. No miles or oceans will separate us.

For the redeemed, all of our conversations of earthly life will be resumed with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - face to face!

May we be ever conscious that our own words could be our last on this side, yet may we hopefully live in the promise of reunion one day soon. This is the grace of God.


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