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Photography Revival & Resource

One of our teen sons got the notion to try to fix my Nikon D40x camera that has been out of commission for nearly two years! {a LONG time} To our surprise, and with the help of Google, he fixed it! Photography is something I enjoy – it has been my way of journaling the life of our family. Scrapbooking would be the ideal sport for me, but I haven't carved out that chunk of time yet! My sweet pastor's wife, who also enjoys taking pictures, gave me her point and shoot camera when she discovered my dilemma. That has carried me over! The flash even worked -for a time- after our son got a little shock working on it. Maybe, we will buy a flash attachment one day.

Learning Photography in Your Homeschool {for free} lists tutorials, free resources, tips, tools, unit studies and more. For you or for your children, this is a great resource for learning photography at home. I enjoy checking out the free resources continually posted over at

"Learning photography is a journey, enjoy it and take lots of pictures!" -The resource list is compiled by Vicky Arnold.

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