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Behind the Gray

Behind the Gray

Behind the Gray, there is surely blue.

Your grieving heart is deep and true.

Though clouds of trial for long extend,

In time, His faithful love will transcend.

Behind the Gray, when love has a cost

Hard winds blow, your heart is tossed:

One reason to hope in the mad storm:

His purposes right – He will perform.

Behind the Gray, on the other side

Is my Maker. My heart cannot hide.

Trust and wait. To Him, look and cry!

Though eyes see not, there is blue sky.

Behind the Gray, the blue will appear

In a day, a week, a month, a year,

A decade or more, overshadowed by gray,

Blue will break through in His chosen way.

Behind the Gray, the blue sky moves

The Gray for my good, His glory proves.

Now able to comfort others under Gray,

Enlightened by God – a blue sky hope ray.

-Jeri Lynn Wilkerson

September 8, 2015

{Under the Big Texas Sky}

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