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Popcorn Flashcards: Beginning Words

Popcorn Flashcards - Beginning Words

I'm happy to share a free printable with you that "popped" up in phonics today… Popcorn Flashcards: Beginning Words. Simply print, cut, and use to help little ones recognize these beginning words.

Making Popcorn Flashcards

I certainly love all the free printables available these days. I am not very techo savvy at this point, but I hope to learn given the opportunity. For now, these were drawn with markers, cut and pasted… like we teachers did in the old days! =) The sentence strips (purchased on clearance for a dime!) were cut in half and pasted to construction paper (a gift from one of my son's Sunday School teacher). Lamination is next. So… easy, fun, inexpensive, and custom fit for my little readers. I think we may have popcorn one day, too! Enjoy! ~Jeri Lynn

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