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Rain, Small Feet, & Courageous Moms

This past week, Spring brought some rain showers our way – of the gentle sort – not of recent tornadic nature. Those type of showers call to children {of all ages}, "Come! Feel the raindrops falling on your head! Come! Soak your feet in the mud puddles! Come! Get your clothes wet!" On this day, my husband and I answered, "Yes, just do not go in the backyard {mud pit}." Depending on the time of day, this could mean an extra load of laundry, a little water trail through the house, and possibly, an extra bath time. The little boys enjoyed their rain play, and I enjoyed watching them… mostly, through the window. I quickly snapped a picture from the front porch on their way back from showing me their mud castles built on the sidewalk.

Today, a friend sent me this post – written to a homeschool mom/speaker/writer, etc… Sally Clarkson. I attended one of her Mom Heart Conferences in the past and was encouraged in my homeschool journey. This article is beautifully written by one of her grown daughters – Sarah. In short, she recalls a gloomy homeschool day that she has never forgotten. It was a rainy day… and her mother was of the "valiant" sort. I encourage you to read the account. "To Sally, The Valiant (and Beloved)"

When I grow up, I want to be a "valiant" mom ~ courageous enough to stop the "gotta' get all this done" routine when an adventure is calling AND… courageous enough to carry on the "gotta' get all this done" routine when I wish for an adventure to call!

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