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Reason Without Rhyme

Tonight alone with God, I could freely let my heart explore additional discomforts that pile on top of deep sorrows. I could not do without my God in this world. When there is no clear reason or rhyme in life, I have nothing to find help or hope in than God. I know Who He is. I am His, and He is mine. He will never let me go. I'm never out of His care.

The words I penned tonight have no rhyme, but they have reason!

Constricted with raw emotions -

My heart.

Released with pouring heat -

My tears.

Overwhelmed with circumstances -

My thoughts.

Sorrowing with hope and joy -

My truth.

Drinking in the water -

The living Word of God.

Groaning in unuttered words-

The understanding Spirit of God

Tasting of His sufferings -

My sorrowing Savior Jesus Christ.

Being held in security and warmth -

My loving Heavenly Father.

In the prison of pain,

He ministers healing to my being.

In the net of numbness,

He awakens my heart to His love.

In the chaos of loud voices,

He speaks peace in His still, quiet voice.

In the struggle for strength,

He measures to me the grace I need.

In the night, He gives

songs deep within my heart.

In the morning, He creates

new mercies to meet the day.

In the day, He wields us

power to overcome the enemy lies.

In my life, He fills the years with

good things from His hands.

His reason has no rhyme

In my finite human view.

His thoughts are most high

Above my imagination.

His purposes are pure and sure

For His glory.

His presence is my best gift

Always with me.

I hope you know Him as a personal Friend that He is. Jesus loves you and me, and came to give each one of us life unending. If you would like to have Him as your Shepherd in this life and your King forever, contact me. ~ Jeri Lynn

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