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Rhythms of Life


As a piano teacher, the importance of rhythm is easy to understand. In music, rhythm establishes order (when the notes are played according to the beat), inserts accents (which notes are to have more time or emphasis), and determines the tempo (the speed at which the notes are played.)

As a person, rhythm is also important though we may not think of life in musical terms.

We may look at another person who seems to have a steady, ordered schedule and think their life is dreamy or boring. (Think repeated quarter notes - none varying.)

We may look at another person whose schedule is never the same, and if it ever is, the person gets uncomfortable. This person's life may look like a daily drama to you, full of adventure or it may hurt your brain to watch them. (Think heavily syncopated notes - dotted notes and 32nd notes that can hardly be counted.)

Whether our rhythms of life are steady or syncopated, soft or loud, slow or fast - they are our own songs to play. Our aim should be to learn to live whatever rhythm God has written for our life currently.

Interesting musical pieces are usually written to include a change either in rhythm, tempo, style, or all of the above. Such is our life song! Whatever page of the song we are living, we need to learn the rhythm. Who better to learn from than the Master Composer Himself - our Creator God?

~ jlw

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