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Savor the Season

Spring brings a breath of hope with its shows of color ranging from vibrant purples to deep reds to cheery yellows to pastel pinks to fresh whites. The backdrop of blues and greens cue us that seasons are still happening!

If these amazing spring gifts were here year round, I assume they may not seem quite as spectacular in our human view. God made the seasons, rotating His artwork mostly quarterly.

I caught myself trying to capture a photo reminder of this tree I passed today even though I had no leisurely time. Through the window of my vehicle, I snapped a few pictures with my phone hoping no other vehicles were leaving my neighborhood behind me right then. Why?

In just a few days, these trees will be lush with green leaves. The law of seasons tells us these blossoms will not last a long time, but just for a moment. I would be sad if I had missed snapping a picture.

This brought to my memory the years that my children were young. Most of my pictures of them were lost in a house fire, but I still remember knowing "these babies won't stay little forever. They won't be in my arms but for a time. I remember wanting to capture all their cuteness, their sweet ways, and how they said their words because I knew they would grow up one day. I wanted to keep every paper they wrote or drew on for me, and believe me, I sure tried - to my family's dismay.

I remember wanting to be the best mother I could be because they were my best gifts from God. (They still are.) I wanted them to have more than I had to give and all that God wanted for them to be prepared for this life. With great love comes great responsibility naturally.

That spring season - including 19 years of diapers - has passed. Most of our children are grown now, with our second wedding coming up. I wish I could give my daughters-in-love a box of little boy pictures of their husbands, but I guess maybe I enjoyed those pictures enough for everybody. Only God knows all the whys, and He knew I knew spring would pass. I did not understand just how quickly it would leave though.

My heart is thrilled whenever I see a young mother enjoying her children, unaffected by unecessary external pressures. It has been said that children don't keep. We truly don't desire them to stay a child so we can enjoy the season longer! No! Our desire is that they grow into independent adults with healthy relationships and happiness in their God-led paths.

So whatever the season - realize it is a passing season. Savor its beauty and its life lessons.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven..." - Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV

sa·vor /ˈsāvər/ verb

  1. taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely. (Oxford)

Savor the season!


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