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Some Days

Some days are days of some - some of this and some of that.

Some joy. Some sadness.

Some accomplishment. Some incompletion.

Some rest. Some exhaustion.

Some blessing. Some trying.

Some friendship. Some loneliness.

Some questions. Some answers.

Some waiting. Some fulfillment.

Some feasting. Some fasting.

Some talking. Some listening.

Some giving. Some taking.

Some pleasant. Some nerve-racking.

Some quiet. Some loud.

Some planned. Some unexpected.

Some practice. Some performance.

No matter what the “day of some” holds, as the day closes, there is still a “God of all.”

He gracefully dims the light of day knowing all the “somethings” that filled it.

Though anxious be the thought of nightfall, He never leaves our side.

He knows some things we cannot know. Something we do know is that He is ready and wanting to be included in all our things - not just some things.

“The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.” - Psalm 145:9

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