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Some Minutes in the Morning

Some Minutes in the Morning

Some minutes in the morning,

Ere the cares of life begin,

Ere the heart’s wide door is open

For the world to enter in.

Oh, then alone with Jesus,

In the silence of the morn,

In heavenly, sweet communion

Let your every day be born,

In the quietude that blesses,

With a prelude of repose,

Let your soul be soothed and softened

As the dew revives the rose.

Some minutes in the morning

Take your Bible in your hand,

And catch a glimpse of glory

From the peaceful promised land.

It will linger still before you

When you seek the busy mart,

And like flowers of hope will blossom

Into beauty in your heart.

The precious words like jewels

Will glisten all the day

With a rare refulgent glory

That will brighten all the way!

-Author Unknown

*Photo by Matthew Wilkerson, Jr.

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