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The Empty Chair

This morning, there was no hurry and scurry to get somewhere.
As I sat down in the quiet, I noticed the still, empty chair.

The memory rushed in without notice, and tears began to seep.
The heart talks we shared back then remain fresh and deep.

There will be no more ordinary visits at my table over coffee,
One day, I'll join Dad at Heaven's table, forever Home to be.

Nearly a year ago, my Dad was sitting in this chair at my house. We talked over coffee... about the little stuff and the big stuff.

Eight months ago, Dad moved on to his forever Home with Jesus. This is an example of where Joy and Sorrow meet.

There's an empty chair in all of our family's lives now. He was "always there" for us all, and he especially loved sitting down to Mom's amazing cooking!

Though his chair is empty, our hearts are full of the love he gave us.

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