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The Love You Left Me

"When we lose someone we love, we must learn not to live without them, but to live with the love they left behind." - unknown

It's been a year...since you called me, brokenheartedly, to tell me that Mom had fallen at the store and injured herself. How could any good come from that?

My plans at this time last year were to focus on getting ultra-organized for the coming school year and to get a jumpstart on lesson planning for the best year ever. It wasn't a big deal to miss a few days to go be there to help Mom and you. I was  always glad for a chance to visit.

I wish I could explain to the world all the ways you cared for Mom in that week, but, frankly, most of the world would not count those unrecorded moments sacred as I do. Most either don't have a clue on how it was, or they aren't interested in learning. From adjusting pillows to ice cream craving runs to grocery shopping to making coffee to installing running boards on your 4runner to make it easier for her to get in...

Above that... you were running errands for the store. I couldn't keep up with you until you about passed out on the butter aisle. I remember snapping pictures of the roses in Sam's Club while you were catching your breath. So much more in my heart from that week... but simply making a record today... that that week was God's gift to me with you... before God called you Home less than a month later.

I miss you so much, Dad. We all do. I look around and wonder where all the men are... How did I miss how rare a treasure you were in this rotten, stupid, pretend world? You attended church... even with a disease... You sought  counsel... even being one of the smartest men I've known... You lived for God and by His principles to the best of your understanding. You loved...for real...

and with the love you left and the love of God, I live this day. 7.22.22

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