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Three Reasons to Write

Writing is an instrument of communication as is speaking. Our words are gathered and organized on paper or through digital media in individual expression of our thoughts.

God gave us His Words in written form through the precious Holy Bible -- inspired, perfect, and preserved through the ages. By our reading of His living Words, He communicates with us through the power of His Spirit living in us as believers. We are created in His image, and He wants us to grow to be more and more like Him.

The first reason to write is to create content as our Creator has patterned for us. Our human words are not inspired or perfect, but may they be in line with Scripture, giving glory to God! Some of us may be called or gifted by God to pen words. Let us not overlook this assignment as a self-indulgent task, but rather as a skill to develop to further His name.

{Are you called to write?}

Clarity is reason number two. Whether anyone else ever reads or affirms my writing, seeing my thoughts transferred from my heart to paper helps me grow as a person. If my heart is jumbled with multiple cares or if my mind is overflowing with wonderful ideas to accomplish, seeing them in written form helps clear my mind and heart and makes prioritizing easier.

{Do you need clarity in your life?}

Reason number three is communicating truth and comfort to others. As we reflect and write from our own experiences and lessons learned, there is an element of instruction and an element of comfort that we may extend to other souls.

{How do you communicate God's truth and comfort to others?}

God wrote words: life-giving words. He is the Master Writer! He created language. If He calls us to write, we can create and organize words to bring Him great glory. Writing helps us individually to grow internally by exposing our vulnerable places and dumping our brains. Writing is an excellent and appropriate way to help and encourage others.

Write. Write. Write.

~ jlw

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