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“True Blue” Friends

Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”

“Swallow-friends, that fly to you in summer, but are gone in winter; such friends there is no loss of. But if the friendship be prudent, generous, and cordial, if I love my friend because he is wise, and virtuous, and good, as long as he continues so, though he fall into poverty and disgrace, still I shall love him. Christ is a friend that loves at all times (Jn. 13:1) and we must so love him, Rom. 8:35. 2. Relations must in a special manner be careful and tender of one another in affliction: A brother is born to succour a brother or sister in distress, to whom he is joined so closely by nature that he may the more sensibly feel from their burdens, and be the more strongly inclined and engaged, as it were by instinct, to help them.” –Matthew Henry

Proverbs 17:17 has remained a special verse to me throughout my life because friendship is not a light matter. It is a gift. God created us with a need for friends to share burdens, to lift each other up, and to sharpen each other in the ways of the Lord.

True Blue” means “Loyal, faithful, unwavering.” This phrase seems to stem from the dyers in Coventry, England who were known for their “true blue” fabric that would not fade.

The Lord has seen fit to allow my paths to cross with many people whom I consider friends. As in your life, there are some friends who stick even when they really know me, even when I take a different path than they would choose, even when I am unlovely. These “true blue friends” are not hanging out with me every day. Distance and schedules may separate us, but our hearts are knit. Do you have a friend or a handful of such friends with this description? If you do, then thank God for them!

Concerning brothers… the Lord gave me three younger brothers. I love them so much. God knew who I needed as brothers. Though we all live in different states and do not get to break from our respective schedules to visit very often, there is a friendship there. If I do something different than one of them, I do not worry that I will be removed from their friend list. If I ask them for counsel, they tell me the truth – not just fluff to make me feel better. Why? Because they love me, and they are my friends. They can make me laugh so hard. I miss them. God has given them precious, beautiful wives and children. My brothers and their wives are my “true blues.” In addition, the Lord has blessed my husband with “true blues” in his siblings as well, through whom I am doubly blessed.

Proverbs 18:24 “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”

Even closer than our “true blue” friends, even closer than our “true blue” brothers, there is a Friend Who is with us every moment of the day and Who is able to fulfill every need of our heart. Jesus is the perfect example of friendship. “…He loved them unto the end.” –John 13:1

“My Friend and I” is a beautiful song to carry in your heart.

My Friend and I – by Ralph Carmichael

There has never been a friend like Jesus,

I have never found a friend so true;

When I weaken and my steps grow wayward,

Then He comes to me with strength anew.

We walk hand in hand through this pilgrim land.

Here we linger for a day;

But soon we'll leave this land of night for that land so bright.

There my friend and I will stay.

Let me recommend this friend so faithful,

He will understand your deepest need;

For He walked this lonely path before us,

And He's able every step to lead.

Thank God for your lifetime friends today. Maybe, take time to thank these friends through a phone call, a note in the mail, a text, an email, a small gift, etc…!

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