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Well-lived ~Well-loved

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

A dear lady went to Heaven this week who was known as MaMaw Lizzie to our family and many other's. When my children were young, we were in a church with many wonderful Sunday School teachers. She taught her class faithfully and loved all the children who entered her class. She loved the Lord.

Of course, children can't fully understand what it means to a mother to have another mother pouring Truth into them with love.

MaMaw Lizzie communicated to me as a young mother - usually in passing as I was rushing here to there - something positive about whichever child was currently in her class. She encouraged me as a mother.

"The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness... teachers of good things..." -Titus 2:3

I am sad - especially for her family members - that she has moved on to Heaven, but sad also that there is one less faithful servant of the Lord here who cheers mothers and children on. Oh what a time she must be having with the Lord, though!

There will never be another MaMaw Lizzie, but there needs to be many more like her. She made an imprint on many lives - not just children.

One who lives well is one who loves well. One who loves well is one who is well-loved.

MaMaw Lizzie lived well, loved well, and was well-loved. 🩷

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