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You Are My Sunshine!

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

In any given moment, we can feel a darkness sweep over the soul like a flash of lightning out of nowhere. Sometimes the darkness flees; other times, we grasp for light in even a miniscule amount.

Have you ever expected people or a person to be your "sunshine" because it would just be nice for them to care or because, in truth, they are supposed to be edifying as fellow- believers?

Has your soul lost strength for lack of nourishment? Your spirit is strained thin, and you feel nothing but condemnation (externally and internally) for having only a thread left to cling to in your rope. It's been raining in your heart for some time, and there's no glimpse of sunshine.

Are you wearied with busyness and unfruitful demands of your time and energy - physically but mostly, emotionally?

Do you silently endure the noisy thoughts of several voices opinionating at one time? What will they think? Worse yet, what will they say to others?

Does the news of financial inflation or of evil reigning weigh your heart down for the future of your children and grandchildren? It is a valid concern!

My answer has been yes to all of these at various times in my life. Many times, God uses people to be this ray of edification or a bowl filled with soul nourishment. Think: a bowl full of sweet, fresh cherries! In my experience, soul nourishment is often met in practical ways that I could never plan out for myself.

Today, my soul was encouraged to chat with a life-time friend over the phone. Her spirit cheered mine. It could be through a beautiful flower blossom or a colorful sunset.

When Scripture pops out of the page to meet my heart need, it is another confirmation that God hears me, sees me, knows me, and loves me... no matter how long my soul aches in dry places.

Truly, I have had a faithful One to Whom I resort that never fails to shine light and hope into my heart - the LORD - Jehovah Jireh! He is my Sunshine! He is my Shield! He gives me grace and good things for His glory. If there were never a need for sunshine in my heart, I doubt I would realize how much I need Him and how much the warmth of His love shines on me.

"For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly." - Psalm 84:11

Let the LORD be the sunshine of your soul! Read His Love Letter Book to you. Talk to Him, and listen to Him. Thank Him for all the ways He meets you with His Light! Then, let Him use you to be a sun ray radiating Him to others God picks for you to encourage.

Shine bright with Jesus - for Jesus!


Jeri Lynn

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