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His Little Hands

These hands are those of one of six boys that God has blessed my husband and me with. This turtle now lives at my house.

At summer’s start, we’ve taken a few trips to the creek. Usually, one will return home with something found there. Once it was a dirty baseball. Rocks and sticks are most common. Sometimes, even bugs make it back. The previous trip’s prize was a baby snake who traveled back in a water bottle! Mr. Turtle is a much more pleasant addition to our yard. His design and colors are incredibly fascinating!

These hands give me hugs and write me notes. They pick dandelions for me, and present them with a smile a mother never forgets. These hands wrestle with their brothers. They build with Legos, and they arrange wood scraps into a backyard fort. They touch the keys of a piano. They help with chores. These hands sometimes cover their open mouths when lost in wonder of simple discoveries.

Sometimes, I get lost in the work of caring for these hands. With the creek comes extra laundry, more items to pick up, and sometimes, animals to look after -mainly, making sure they stay outside! Sometimes, I really do just enjoy watching them be little boys. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed with concern about their future with the evident evil in our present day.

Yes, I should be working to care for these hands. Yes, I should be enjoying their childhood ways. Yes, I should be concerned about their future. Yet, my concern should prompt me to work more on their hearts by prayer and teaching, and I should be more grateful to God for the freedoms that we presently experience. These hands will one day hold in them things of much more value than turtles, rocks and sticks. If the Lord wills, these hands will hold the hands of a woman – my daughter-in-law- and the hands of children -my grandchildren. I do not know what work, what joys, or what trials these little hands may one day hold, but I want to do my part to fill these little hands with love and truth. God’s Word is Truth, and intercessory prayer is a loving practice.

I ask God to help me focus this summer on improving in these two areas – teaching my children God’s Word and praying more specifically for each of them. Regretfully, I am like this turtle sometimes. I have good intentions when I am convicted to work on an area, but I am too slow to implement action. Pray that I will be faithful to teach and pray this summer. Think about the little hands you care for. Ask God to reveal to you what He might have you adjust in your life this summer for the sake of the little hands He’s given you.

"His Little Hands" was originally posted here at Living on PB&J following the post "Her Hands" which you can read here.

We are blessed to be mothers. Let’s share and pray for each other. ♥ Jeri Lynn

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