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Winter Peace

Winter Peace

January. 2021.

Just as the routine rhythms resumed in the new year, the beat of life unexpectedly began intermittently rushing and dragging.

A sports injury on the college basketball court stopped the fun of the game and caused a literally different perspective from the gym floor. The next games would be viewed rather than played.

The chase for medical expertise was on. There was no perfect finish-line solution found, though a capable doctor offered honest assessments.

For now, the race is slow. Healing takes time. By external appearance, the finish line is close. In reality, there are several moving unseen parts. We pray and wait and take care and hope and trust our Maker with what only He can see.

January brought a winter storm to our hearts. In the winter, there is peace by knowing the Prince of Peace. Do you know Jesus?  He does all things well. 

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