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Picking Wildflowers

As I went to open the glass door, I noticed he is almost as tall as I am. I smiled and looked into his bright eyes as I opened the door.

My thoughts raced ahead in time- this is a soon-to-be young man. In the time it took to open the door, I wondered what he will be like as a man. How will we relate as mother and son then?  What else does he need to know for that time coming?

As I opened the door, he brought me back to his boyish reality as he said, “I’ve got to use the bathroom,” as he handed me this wildflower that he had managed to save from the nearby rumbling lawnmower.

My heart smiled. He is still a little boy, and he still brings me hand-picked wildflowers.

Lord, help me be a nurturing mother while he is still picking flowers for me. Thank You for this moment to remind me to enjoy these days and to live these days intentionally… while he’s still picking wildflowers for me.

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