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Make the Friends

“The Rose” A splendid rose stood all alone, Surrounded by a wall of stone. Around the wall were roses, too, Still neither knew the other grew. So often we, like flowers, dwell Too deep within our human shell And pass through life–“not understood”– Nor making all the friends we should. –Tony Pettito _______________________

These past few years, friendships have helped me grow as a person in light of who God created me to be. God made us to help each other on this changing journey. This is true friendship.

In thinking on the poem above, these lines below came to me. God knows who we need as friends and when we need them. May we always be peeking around the corner of the wall to be “that” friend to another.

Sometimes, it is I who hides behind the wall thinking “they would think me small.”

Sometimes, it is she who wouldn’t know the desired friendship that could grow.

Sometimes, she thinks the load too heavy to share, but waiting is a friend rare in prayer.

Sometimes, I’m stretched in life’s mad race, but her note or deed puts a smile on my face.

Sometimes, we swap our perspectives, and we both are “Truth detectives.”

Sometimes, the daily grind can be lighter when shared with this friend kind.

Always, be aware of the friend who needs you, and of the the friend who you need, too. -JLW

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