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Mother’s Day Gifts – A Gathering

This Mother's Day was so special in the fact that both of our mothers were here with us, and our dads. Having our families that we grew up with spread out across the nation, this is no small occurrence. Added to this, we had some of our sweet aunts and an uncle come be with us, as well as some family friends! Our daughter who has been at college in England arrived at our house the night before, so all our our children were here. We all attended our morning church service together and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of lunch, fellowship, and games. With such a crowd, we didn't get all the pictures I look back and wish we had taken, but we did capture enough to help me remember what a blessed day we shared. If there were no gifts, no food, no flowers, no cards, no games, just gathering together and fellowshipping would have been enough to count it a beautiful day ~ a gift!

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