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Patriot Day

Webster's 1828 Dictionary defines patriot as "A person who loves his country, and zealously supports and defends it and its interests." Today marks the 11th anniversary of the tragic September 11 attacks on our beloved United States of America. We remember the shock, the confusion, the loss, the pain. We remember the love, the help, the sacrifices made, the patriots.

The events of that day should be REMEMBERED, and the events of that day should bring us to ACTION. As I remember this day, I am pondering what actions I can begin or improve upon to help my country. Here are some of my considerations; I would like to add others.

  1. Teach the history of America – founded on Biblical principles

  2. Teach gratefulness to God for freedom

  3. Recite The Pledge of Allegiance with my children

  4. Stand and place my hand over my heart during The Pledge of Allegiance

  5. Stand and place my hand over my heart during The Star-Spangled Banner

  6. Stand in the presence of a military servant, and thank him/her

  7. Fly the flag – Old Glory

  8. Wear red, white and blue on appropriate occasions

  9. Volunteer in my community

  10. Serve in my local church

  11. Vote in elections

  12. Pray for our government leaders, military servants & public servants

  13. Speak respectfully of those serving in positions of authority

I hope you enjoy this song/slideshow "It's Up to Me and You" that my friend Niki Lott put together for today. (You will need to stop the music player on the right.)

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