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Warmth in a Winter Storm

Updated: Feb 14, 2023


In the midst of a winter storm,

The earth is in the state of heavy chill.

“Shut-in” from the normal activities,

There is time to “just be” and “be still.”

The body, spirit, and mind welcome

The freedom to choose work or rest,

Or to mix the two in an individualized

Following of the Holy Spirit’s process.

Who are we to define spiritual work?

For as Believers, all of life is ministry.

Does the location or recipient change

How carefully attentive to be - to see?

The love of God and Gospel living

Aren’t bound within or without the walls

Where we dwell and call it “home.”

It is there to ministry God first calls.

Though the storm is frigid outside,

Believers retain Father’s love within

Radiating warmth to every single soul

Encountered outside home and in. ~jlw

Reflecting on this snow day at home… and warm in the winter storm.

When I am consciously aware firstly of God’s presence and know He is with me, it is then I can be fully aware of the people closely around me who need His love.

Secondly, when I’m aware of my inability to love like Jesus, I have God’s Spirit to employ to help me.

Thirdly, when I’m aware of all the little and big ways He shows me His love… I am more grateful to God.

Fourthly, when I’m aware that anytime God’s love is shown through me, it is the great mercy of God, and it is all His work, I can rest in doing what God wanted me to do whether or not love is reciprocated back to me.

Fifthly, when I’m aware of the gifts God gave me, I want to wrap them in His love above all - in the tedious, in the glorious- in the private, in the public.

Lastly, When I listen to the Voice Who speaks and quietly calls me to actions, I experience Joy. There is no pressure to perform or produce. Sometimes, I honestly have no performance stamina or production vision - I’m just putting one foot in front of the other trying to breathe in Christ. His air is compassion and all of grace.


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