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Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 1

In October, I was challenged by different people to read my Bible through cover – to – cover in 60 days. Through watching my oldest daughter Joy diligently make time for "reading" (in 90 days), and hearing a Revive Our Hearts radio podcast encouraging reading the Bible cover to cover, the Holy Spirit led me to attempt to read God's Holy Words to me in 60 days. I have not been one to read my Bible through cover to cover consistently as I do enjoy stopping and studying and lingering in certain books that are my favorites. Since God wrote the whole Book, why do I not read it all from start to finish? By faith and with God's help, this is my goal. I researched the actual time needed to complete this challenge, and realized it will take reading about 20 chapters a day which averages out to about 1.5 to 2 hours daily time wise. Can I not find this amount of time daily to spend time in His Word at least for 60 days? Just once? Thus, I'm on this journey. Week 1 has been incredible, even through Leviticus and Numbers. The reason for my public posting of my private reading is two-fold: accountability for me and encouragement for you. When a friend finds a good deal or a health tip, we have no problem sharing. Friends, this is a good deal and a healthy diet!

This is the reading schedule of week 1 for me. Be assured: there will be days that I fail to meet my goals (See Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 2.), but my goal remains in pursuit.

Day 1: Genesis 1-21

Day 2: Genesis 22-40

Day 3: Genesis 41-50; Exodus 1-10

Day 4: Exodus 11-31

Day 5: Exodus 32-40; Leviticus 1-11

Day 6: Leviticus 12-27; Numbers 1-5

Day 7: Numbers 6-26


Week 1: Genesis 1 – Numbers 26


Chapters: [143/1189]

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