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Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 2

On Day 8 of my Bible Reading Challenge 60, I was led by the Holy Spirit to use my "reading" time in another way. It was a full Sunday. Reading only 6 chapters offered sufficient instruction from the LORD for that day. Day 9 presented time to catch up to the 60 day reading pace. This is a small example of the peace that God gives when we follow His Spirit, instead of thinking our lists and ability to check them off will give us peace. God knows my heart, and I did not feel guilt for not reading "my 20 chapters." I love the LORD! He is a God of judgment and mercy, of truth and longsuffering, of strength and compassion.

My reading record for week 2 is listed below. I have found that I can read faster using a Bible reading app on my phone, quickly highlighting verses that I want to mark. Then, when I have more time, I can mark the same verses in my own Bible and jot quick notes in my journal. I still prefer using my own Bible, turning the physical pages, marking and journaling as I go. My Bible reading app includes the Strong's Concordance giving the added feature of looking up any word meaning at the touch of my finger. I am thankful for technology.

Day 8: Numbers 27-30

Day 9: Numbers 31-36; Deuteronomy 1

Day 10: Deuteronomy 2-34

Day 11: Joshua 1-24; Judges 1-15

Day 12: Judges 16-21; Ruth1-4

Day 13: I Samuel 1-13

Day 14: I Samuel 14-15


Week 2: Numbers 27 – I Samuel 15


Chapters: [251/1189]

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