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Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 3

Week 3 of my Bible Reading Challenge 60 was just that – a challenge! I'm quite behind in the schedule I had set. The books of Kings and Judges have been the most challenging books for me to read through, thus far. The schedule in our lives was packed in week 3, and week 4 looks to be the same. We'll see what the Lord has in store day by day. No matter what Books of the Bible I am reading or how many or few chapters I am reading, there is Truth and there is Light, given my heart is seeking Him. I am looking forward to landing in Psalms – my favorite!

Day 15: I Samuel 16-31; II Samuel 1-12

Day 16: II Samuel 13-24; I Kings 1-5

Day 17: I Kings 6-8

Day 18: I Kings 9-13

Day 19: I Kings 14-22

Day 20: II Kings 1-10

Day 21: II Kings 11-15


Week 3: I Samuel 16 – I Kings 15


Chapters: [345/1189]

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