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Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 4

Bible reading is a challenge at times. It seems that when I need the most nourishment from God's Word is when my life seems like it is on the run! It is a proven fact that "fast food" and "eating on the go" are not healthy habits. Applied to spiritual nourishment, neither "fast food" or "eating on the go" are healthy habits for the soul. Nonetheless, as our bodies need food daily, so do our souls. Week 4 has included some "grab a bite while you can" as my schedule has been different than usual. Even "eating on the go" provides needed energy and is worth the effort.

Below is my reading record. I am one-third of the way to my goal of my Bible Reading Challenge 60.

Day 22: II Kings 16-22

Day 23: II Kings 23- 25; I Chronicles 1-2

Day 24: I Chronicles 3-12

Day 25: I Chronicles 13-15

Day 26: I Chronicles 16-29

Day 27: II Chronicles 1-21

Day 28: II Chronicles 22-36; Ezra 1-10


Week 4: I Kings 16 – Ezra 10


Chapters: [434/1189]

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